Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Yesterday I came home from work and was greeted by the sight of mail at my place at the dinner table. Now this isn't anything unusual however what was in that stack of mail was. This time it wasn't just the usual college mail which is usually perused perfunctorily and then tossed into the trash to join an ever-growing landfill somewhere. Instead, last night it was a stack of packages that were patiently awaiting my attention. This pleasant ocurrance always puts a smile on my face because this usually means that a book or two has come in from This proved true last night and two books have been added to my To-Be-Read List. However, the last item in the stack made me cock my head for a second as I weighed it in my hands. Too soft and too light to be a book, so...what is...oh!
I dashed upstairs, delaying dinner for a few precious moments as I ripped open the package and held it out for inspection in the privacy of my bedroom so my bewildered family (who knows I am famished on Monday nights and usually ready to eat them if they stand in the way of me and my meal) couldn't see me ooh and ahh over a simple, little...
That's right. All of the hooplah was over a shirt. A simple, black graphic tee to be exact. But this isn't just any T-shirt, because of the two short words emblazoned boldly on the front. This morning, I took a picture of them so you could share in my excitement and there you have the image up there at the top of this post.
I ordered the Help Haiti t-shirt from Compassion's store only Thursday. I hadn't even balanced my checkbook with the purchase yet. Talk about quick service.
So if you're looking for a stylish way to help Haiti, head on over to
and make a purchase that will not only make you look good but will aid you in spreading the word about Haiti's plight and how Compassion International is bringing help.
Also, if you buy one, please leave a comment below and I will add your $15 purchase (which, by the way, literally helps Haiti so your purchase is the same as a donation) to the grand total of $330 that this Read-A-Thon has raised.
Today, I am proudly profiling my heart for Haiti. Won't you consider wearing your heart on your sleeve, er, T-shirt?