My Favorite Subject

On RadRev on Wednesday I got to elaborate a little more about why this is my favorite well as share about one of my first dreams come true! Click here to read about one of the most nerve-wracking emails I've ever sent.

#100 counting 100 gifts, of course!

#101 dreams

#102 the hard questions (thanks, Rose!)

#103 a bracing bout of the giggles

#104 one of my first dreams come true (you can read it here)

#105 nerve-wracking emails

#106 adventures in His Word

#107 hearing the music of hope

#108 finishing a book in a day

#109 the friends who walk the adventure with me

#110 daring to dream

God dreams big and He wants to teach us to do the same. He wants to make the dreams He has put in our hearts,
the dreams we’re afraid to dare to dream,
come true.