One Word to Describe My Life Now

It feels like a long time since I sat down and just scribbled here. Inspiring Daring has turned into quite the bookish blog ~ and that's infinitely fun! 

But it's nice to just write about life, too.

One word that would describe my life right now is...summer!

I adore summer. That's probably partly due to my birthday month being next month (Hey, June!). And, of course, not having school plays a role. But, mostly, I'm a girl of extremes ~ my two favorite months are December and June. Cold and hot. Sweaters and swimsuits. Love 'em.

What's your favorite month?

So, speaking of school, I've finally stopped waking up with panic lodged in my chest. Oh, no, my alarm didn't go off! I have to get to class

Yeah. I do that for about a week or two after the semester ends. Makes for interesting mornings. And one thankful girl when I finally do realize, hey, I'm off. 

And I'm using my off-time for a lot of different things. 

I'm writing
(want to see my WIP in pictures?). 

I'm reading 
(want to see my latest reviews?).

What's one word that would describe your life right now?